Christian Schools International Accreditation encourages schools to align their curriculum to a set of outside standards, which the Dream Academy has done through national standards and the Iowa Core Curriculum.

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  • It assures a comprehensive curriculum through the use of content-specific standards formulated by teachers, researchers, and experts in each specific field of study.
  • It builds the necessary skills and knowledge into a student’s learning for future education and life as a Kingdom citizen.
  • It encourages horizontal and vertical alignment of your school’s curriculum so that both gaps and redundancies can be addressed and avoided.
  • It encourages higher-order thinking skills. All sets of state, provincial, and national standards go beyond facts and include analysis, synthesis, application, and all other higher-order thinking skills.
  • It assures that all aspects of a subject area are taught at age-appropriate levels.
  • It helps to prepare students for standardized tests and assessments and provides helpful information on what your school should assess.

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