The dream for students of the Dubuque Dream Center Academy is to build character and foster academic excellence on a foundation of Christian Identity.


Building on a Dream

Established in July 2013, the Dubuque Dream Center has been:

  • building on Dr. King's dream for more than a decade,
  • unifying our community across racial and socioeconomic lines, and
  • embracing and empowering youth and families impacted by generational poverty.

The Dubuque Dream Center is structured to provide programs that address the social, academic, and economic needs of youth and families in a coordinated, systematic structure and continues to impact youth by utilizing our In Your Life Mentoring Model.

Annually, an average of:

  • 70% of Dream Center students progress toward reading proficiency; and
  • 80% of students progress towards math proficiency.


An Urban Christian School

The Dubuque Dream Center is strengthening its In Your Life Mentoring Model:

  • by expanding it into a non-denominational urban Christian school setting in our community: the Dubuque Dream Center Academy,
  • to increase the number of students who are disciples of Jesus Christ,
  • to support successful academic outcomes, and
  • to prepare students for college and careers.


Youth + Family + Community

The mission of the Dubuque Dream Center Academy is to...

  • Impact Youth
  • Strengthen Families
  • Build Community

... through Christian education.

TRANSFORMING GENERATIONS through Christ-Centered and Quality Education

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