The Dream Academy has adopted curricular standards from national standards and the Iowa Core Curriculum (depending on the curricular area), with all teachers being expected to work toward meeting the assigned standards in their grade levels and subject areas.

As a Christian School, the Dubuque Dream Center Academy incorporates Christian theology and Christian values into our educational curriculum.

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READING: A foundational science

The Dubuque Dream Center Academy implements a foundational science of reading, that includes the five (5) pillars of reading instruction ...

  1. phonemic awareness,
  2. phonics,
  3. fluency,
  4. vocabulary, and
  5. comprehension

... to empower the demographic we serve to read and exceed in proficiency.

MATHEMATICS: Proficiency

The Dubuque Dream Center Academy will prepare students to achieve mathematical proficiency by learning the foundational basic facts ...

  • addition,
  • multiplication,
  • subtraction, and
  • division

... and progress toward utilizing mathematical concepts and procedures to think critically, reason, and problem-solve. Incorporating modern technology and hands-on science curricula that align with future career opportunities will be included in the Dubuque Dream Center Academy mathematics program

COLLEGE + CAREER: Preparation

The Dubuque Dream Center Academy will prepare students for college and career through ...

  • executive skill development,
  • foundational reading, and
  • math proficiency preparation,
  • incorporation of best practice 21st-Century technology
  • assessments that identify unique student skills and passions that contribute to potential career paths, and
  • mentoring to guide students toward college or career transitions. 

For complete details, please download the Dubuque Dream Center Academy's Curriculum Scope and Sequence:

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